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Popular Toothing Devices

Nokia mobile phones with Bluetooth are probably the most commonly used device among toothers, simply because they are relatively inexpensive and Nokia offers more models of phones with Bluetooth than any other maker. Sony Ericsson phones are also used by many. Phones with a camera feature and Bluetooth can allow you to send photos of yourself to the person you're messaging with, to help them identify or locate you.

Some toothers find PDAs or Pocket PCs, such as those offered by Palm and HP, easier to use for sending text messages because of their larger display and interface, and available chat software. Palm Tungsten (T2 and T3) and HP iPAQs are popular models.

If you're not sure if your model of phone or PDA device has Bluetooth capability, check at the maker's website. Many phone services will let you upgrade your model of phone to one that features Bluetooth for a nominal fee. Check with your wireless provider to see if these offers are available.


Toothing Programs and Software

Many toothers find using chat programs makes messaging much easier. The type of program you can use depends on the brand and model of your device, but here are a couple of popular Bluetooth applications.

If you're using a PDA, such as a Palm Tungsten (T2 or T3), it may already be equipped with the BlueChat program, which enables you to easily send text messages to other users. This program can also be used by Bluetooth-equipped notebook computers and Pocket PCs. It is a freeware program that you can download from many web sites.

This Bluetooth program works with mobile phones and handhelds that use the Symbian platform. This includes most Sony Ericsson Bluetooth-capable phones. Although it has many other functions, toothers will be concerned with the "Bluejack" feature, which allows you to locate any Bluetooth devices in range and send a contact message. You can find out more about this program and download it through the developer's site.