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Handy Toothing Text Abbreviations

Toothing messages have to be short and to the point. We've compiled some commonly used chat acronyms that will come in handy toothing. Let us know if you have any suggestions to add to the list.

ASAP - As soon as possible
ASL? - Age/sex/location?
BF - Boy friend
BFN - Bye for now
BJ - Blow job
BRB - Be right back
CU - See you
CUL - See you later
DADT - Don't ask, don't tell
DIKU - Do I know you?
DUS? - Do you swallow?
DUWTF? - Dou you want to fuck?
DWB - Don't write back
F2F - Face to face
GA - Go ahead
GF - Girlfriend
GONS - Getting off next stop
H&K - Hug and kiss
HIG - How's it going
HJ - Hand job
HT - Hi there
IC - I see
IWTFU - I want to fuck you
KIT - Keep in touch
L8R - Later
MM@ - Meet me at
MML8R - Meet me later
MorF - Male or female
MOSS - Member of the same sex
MOTOS - Member of the opposite sex
MTF - More to follow
NA - Nice ass
NOYB - None of your business
NT - Nice tits
NP - No problem
PAW - People are watching
PLZ - Please
QT - Cutie
RSN - Real soon now
RUH? - Are you hot?
THX - Thanks
TTFN - Ta-Ta for now
URH - You are hot
WDYWTD? - What do you want to do?
WFM - Works for me
WTGF? - Want to get fucked?
WTGP? - Want to go private?
WRU? - Where are you?
WU? - What's up?
WUF? - Where are you from?