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Toothing: How to Get Started

  1. Make sure the Bluetooth function is enabled on your device. See the instruction manual for specifics.
  2. Set your device to "Discoverable" or "Shown To All" so other toothers can find you.
  3. Create a contact for toothing. Where you would put your name in the contact field, enter a short greeting/message indicating you are looking for toothing action. Suggestions are "Toothing?" or "Wanna 2th?"
  4. Include your mobile phone number with your contact info if you want them to be able to text message you back immediately. Otherwise they will also have to send messages via the Contact field.
  5. Select your new toothing Contact and "Send Via Bluetooth" or "Send Business Card", then "Via Bluetooth".
  6. Your device will scan the area and locate and list other Bluetooth users nearby. If you can't find any, move to another spot until something turns up.
  7. You should see the names of the other Bluetooth devices listed on your screen. Pick one that seems interesting and select it, then hit Send.
  8. Wait for a response...

Tips for New Toothers

  • Have patience. As with fishing, you may have to cast your line a few times before you get any bites.
  • Check out the boards. Of course, it's more fun to have a spontaneous encounter, but if you want to set something up, try coordinating with other toothers in your area via toothing message boards.
  • Remember the odds. As with internet dating, male toothers outnumber available women considerably. On the on the other hand, if you're a woman or a gay male, this could prove an advantage.
  • Recharge. Don't forget to keep your phone or PDA recharged. You don't want the battery going dead at a critical moment.
  • Be nice. If you catch a first glimpse of the person you've been toothing with and realize they're not what you fancy, play it off and make a quick exit at the next station. No need to hurt someone's feelings.


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