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Toothing and Texting in the News

Forget dogging, here comes toothing
"Fancy getting jiggy with it with anyone on your commute?"
"Toothing" for Hi-Tech Sex with Strangers
"The respectable person sitting next to you on the train fumbling with their cell phone might be a 'toother' looking for sex with a stranger."
Snoopers can hack into mobiles to steal secrets
A warning to toothers about security flaws in Bluetooth devices.
Brits Going at It Tooth and Nail
The Wired News article that broke the toothing craze to the media.
Text junkies seek SMS detox
Do you text too much? Professional help is available.
Text and the city

A look at the exponential growth of phone-text flirting.

Toothing Links and Resources

Toothing Forum & Message Board
An active toothing message board for the U.K. and U.S.
Toothing in Italy
Italian-language toothing forum - toothing locations in Italy
Wikipedia entry on Toothing
The online encyclopedia's definition of "toothing" and related terms