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Best Locations for Toothing

In general, the more crowded an area and the more professional types around (people likely to have wireless devices), the better your luck will be at toothing. Start with subway trains and stations, especially during commute rush hour. You might score at the airport or other places where there are a lot of business travelers. Busy office or hotel lobbies are another possibility. For bars and nightclubs, target those frequented by a tech-savvy crowd.

The following are a few known hotbeds of toothing activity. Let us know if you find any toothing hot spots.

United Kingdom

Of course, the London Underground is Ground Zero for toothing. Morning commute and late night seem to be the best times to find fellow toothers. Whatever your line, it's likely that someone out there has the same idea...whether or not they're your type (or the right sex for your preference) is another matter.

Some hot spots are the London Bridge station, the Victoria line, Charing Cross and the Circle line, Angel station, the Cambridge to London line. Generally speaking, the more central the line or station is, the better luck you're apt to have.

There also seems to be some lively interest in toothing in Glasgow and Wales, as well as on the Chunnel Train.


The toothing frenzy is spreading across Europe. Italians in particular seem to be taking to this new craze. Here are some of the cities where toothers are active:

  • Germany - Stuttgart, Munich, Berlin, Hamburg
  • Italy - Rome (very hot), Milan, Florence, Verona, Venice, Treviso
  • France - Paris, Lyon, Toulouse

United States

North American are also eagerly jumping onto the toothing bandwagon. Here are our suggestions for where to locate fellow toothers:

  • New York - NYC subways, Penn Station, ferries
  • Washington, D.C. - Any of the Metro lines, but Red in particular
  • San Francisco - CalTrain, BART, MUNI subways
  • Los Angeles - Unfortunately, L.A. is not known for its utilization of public transit. Try gyms and health clubs, bars and night spots, or movie screenings.

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