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Best Positions for Toothing Sex

Note: Laws regarding public sex and lewdness vary by locality. If you have sex in a public or semi-public location, you may be subject to prosecution.

You've made a hot connection while toothing on the train, but where can you and your new friend go for some action? You need to get off at the next station and find someplace secluded. Unless you're an exhibitionist, you want to avoid attracting attention and stay out of the view of security cameras. Good spots to go at it are supply closets, dressing rooms, empty conference rooms or offices, and of course, public lavatories, which are both accessible and usually easy to find.

Having a tryst in a public restroom can be exciting but awkward. Here are a few suggested sex positions that can make it easier and let you take advantage of the available "furniture". Don't forget to be safe and use condoms!


  Bathroom Blowjob

This basic position is easy and doesn't require either person to get undressed. It can be performed in a bathroom stall, and if you're interrupted, the seated partner can raise her feet, which will make it look like there is only one person in the stall.


On the Can

This is a bit more acrobatic. The man takes a seat, as it were, and the woman lowers herself onto his "lap". As with the above position, if you are doing this in a stall and someone walks in the room, the woman can lift her legs up so they can't be seen under the stall door.


"Sink" It In

This is an excellent position, but requires a private bathroom, or a complete lack of fear. The woman supports herself on the sink while getting it from behind. It's an added bonus if there's a mirror at the sink so you can watch yourselves. Beware of loose plumbing fixtures and don't forget to wash up afterwards.